[ All melancholy thoughts and feelings seemed to evaporate at the

            mentioning of a sweet treat. The childlike mind easily swayed by the
            next best thing as he is more than willing to agree. Best to leave
            the heavy things behind so they didn’t outweigh the good things, right? ]


           ”Uh huh! Definitely! Can I get sprinkles on mine?
             And gummi bears?”

▐ █ {☯}——;;

A small chuckle escaped from her mouth seeing the
  child’s excitement. Ice Cream is always the magic word
  to cure a child’s mood.

                            ——-Or even an adult like her. }

Whatever you wish, little champ.

                              Alrighty then, we better get going
                                         to satisfy our tummies and cool down
                                                            our minds. ❞

One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it.


when your roleplay partner suddenly ramps up the angst



                     [ He supposed what others thought about Ti didn’t matter now—

                       she had him! Hopefully he;ll be enough. ]



▐ █ {☯}——;;

             { She really admired Olaf’s smile. It was true.
                    A child’s smile always changes one’s mood
                    and having a child around you or having for
                    your own can change the person too.

                                                            And I think it was time to
                                                                cheer up things a bit.  

❝ Okay then, I think we’ve had
     enough with the all the emotional
     chit-chat now. Wanna get some
                                              ——-ice cream ? ❞



             ”Oooh, sorry!”  

                        She’s just realizing she never actually introduced herself, and
                        is not quite embarrassed at the thought but still managing to be
                        fairly close.  Mostly, she’s concerned that she’s managed to freak
                        out a potential friend.  

            “Well — that’s very possible.  My name is Toothiana,
                     Queen of Memories and the Tooth Fairy Armies.”

             She laughs— the pomp and grandeur around
             that title strikes her as funny when compared
             with the title by which she is far better known.

                              “But, most just call me the Tooth Fairy.”

▐ █ {☯}——;;

         { So she was right. She was the Tooth Fairy. 
               She wasn’t sure how to react but the only think
               she could picture herself as a cub and getting
               excited seeing a real Tooth Fairy.

                                                W a i t ?

                                                         Tooth Fairy armies?
                                                                          There  are  more ?  

❝ So you’re really the Tooth Fairy…interesting.
             I mean?Its a honour meeting you. 

Title: 茉莉花开
Artist: 玄觞
Played: 933 times


Contemporary Chinese Folk Song

茉莉花开 Jasmine Flower

me: i wanna rp
drafts: hey
me: no




hxrdcorendian said: (( dO U HEAR THAT?! ITS THE SOUND OF MY HEART SHATTERING INTO MILLION PIECES..ITS FINE. *inhuman crying noises* ))


… do you still love me tho

…..I fuckin took the cannon ball hit for u.
               w u t do u expect?

                   I have ( s e e n ) the best of you.
          And the worst of you

                                                             { And I choose b o t h. }